Family Crest and Coat of Arms

My research into the Drągowski Family Crest and Coat of Arms has revealed some interesting facts on the subject in general. For instance, it turns out that not all surnames have a coat of arms or family crest. And for those that do, not all of them are unique to a single surname. It appears that a larger group of surnames can share a family crest/coat of arms, usually based on the region or geographically. This is the case with the Drągowski Family Crest.  My post based on a reprinted excerpt from Wikipedia delves into this subject with greater detail.

The family crest associated with the Drągowski surname is based on the crest of the Jastrzebiec clan, which can be seen here.

The Drągowski variation of this crest is pictured below:

The Drągowski version of the crest varies somewhat from the original, but the similarity cannot be denied. The cross within the horseshoe has been raised to the top instead of being located at the bottom. The Drągowski version also has a crown placed atop the Knights helmet, upon which the falcon roosts.

So I hope this answers any questions you may have had regarding the family crest. It took me a while to gather this information together, and I hope it can be beneficial to you.


Well, I was wrong about the coat of arms. Thanks to the post below from Adam, I was able to follow up and perform additional research.

The coat of arms I displayed before was for the Dragowski and not the Drągowski family, which stems from the Ślepowron clan.

What’s the difference, you ask? Well, it’s like calling Mr. Jones Mr. Smith. The small little ‘c’ that you find under the a gives the name a different sound. Here you’ll find the post on Wikipedia that confirms the new findings.

And this link will display the Dragowski in all it’s splendor

Thank you Adam for your help. I’m sure our ancestors can rest better now 🙂

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  • Herb rodziny Drągowskich , to ŚLEPOWRON , ród wywodzi się z okolic Sokół , gniazdem jest miejscowość Drągi w powiecie wysokomazowieckim ( podlaskie ) . Bezpośrednio potomkowie pochodzą z rodu Bujno , który pojawił się na Podlasiu za sprawą Ks.Janusza Mazowieckiego na początku wieku 15 a przywędrował z okolic dzisiejszej Łodzi.
    Więc proszę o nie upublicznianie nieprawdziwych informacji zmieniając herb i pamięć o przodkach .

  • Podkowa ocelami do góry na niej krzyż , w klejnocie jastrząb pierscień w pysku trzyma
    Family crest version is not good !!!
    Adam Dragowski – Poland
    call for me 505421317

  • Thank you, Adam. I have seen the error in my ways. I’ve made the updates and between you and me, I like this version of the coat of arms better! Thanks again for keeping me honest. Dziękuję Ci Bardzo.

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